Test Your Knowledge In God’s Word

1. Where is this quotation in the Bible? “His Name is Called The Word of God”
2. What is the meaning of the name “Jacob?”
3. Why is Jesus Christ designated to be “Son of Man?”
4. Why is the blood of Jesus Christ different from the blood of all other human beings?
5. In one sentence summarize God’s original position for mankind on the planet earth according to His statement in Genesis 1:26-28
6. God pronounced that Adam and Eve would die if they ate the fruit of knowledge. Unfortunately, they ate if, did they die?
7. What is the definition of the word, “Death?”
8. What are three major types of death and define them?
9. What is the true definition of a Christian and where does the word first appeared in the Bible?
10. Was Jesus Christ presence with the mentioned God of Genesis chapter 1? If so explain.

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You Are Hereby Invited to Year 2016 Blessing and Gospel Truth Weekly Meeting by the Absolute Faith® In Jesus Christ International Church

Theme: The Gospel Truth Crusade with Signs, Wonders, Miracle and Holy Ghost  Manifestation Experience following.

Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 7pm

Place: 9119 Bedell Lane, Brooklyn, NY 11236

Christ’s Ambassador: Bishop (Dr.) John S. Famodimu

There will be deliverance and healing counseling during this crusade. Contact one of our ushers and fill out a form if you want to see the servant of God

 What to Expect.

Christ physical earthly ministry is empowered and bonded by Christ to continue through His chosen Ambassadors and His church. Satan is the author of sickness, poverty and death. They are signs of his reigning.  We move from studying the Word into engaging the Word of God. Do not surrender to lies and deception. Christ has defeated him with His blood on Calvary. Every mankind that comes to Christ by genuine faith has been redeemed with same Christ’s blood from sin, Satan, demons, and the curse of the law which include but not limited to sickness and poverty. Come and experience your blessing, freedom and miracles  (3 John 2; 2 Timothy 3:16; Luke 17:21; Hebrew 6: 13, 18; 1 Timothy 6:12; Luke 17:20-21; Mark 1:15; Romans 10:7-12)


  1. A gentleman was admitted into Kings county Hospital, Brooklyn New York, USA. The hospital told him that he was to die of cancer of the bone which had spread all over his body. His children were called from all over the world to give their father last respect. His wife called me to come the servant of God (Bishop John Famodimu). On my arrival into the hospital, I sent every out including the hospital workers and the patient family. I then refer the man to God’s Words of healing. His faith was built on God’s Word. I administered deliverance counseling with him. I laid my hand on him and prayed for him in the name of Jesus Christ. He was totally healed and discharged from the hospital without any medical administration. Since Jesus Christ healed all sickness by His spoken Word, same is always done in our ministry. This gentleman’s doctors confessed and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. At one of our meeting at Accra, Ghana, a lady confessed that she became lunatic after refusing to surrender her only child to the witchcraft cult that she was a member. The lady confessed that she killed her own husband. The lady was delivered from the demons in her, including madness and witch demons. Her sin was forgiven by God and was baptized into Christ Jesus.
  3. A husband and his wife came to my office, both of them explained about the deadly incurable sicknesses they were experiencing. I prayed and did deliverance for both of them. They did not experience their pain anymore after the prayer session. I instructed them to go to their doctor to confirm if the infirmities were still in their bodies. Their doctors confirmed that they were no more sick. The husband stopped using his medication but his wife continued to use her own for precaution. Few weeks later, same sickness inflicted her. She came back to my office to reveal her act of un-believe. The above and many other testimonies have proofed to us that faith in the Word of God produces positive result always.

Do not surrender to Satan lies and deceptions. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrew 8:13). Jesus Christ is the LORD.

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“Then He called His twelve disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons, and to cure diseases. He send them to preach the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick” (Luke 9:1-2). Since God’s Word should be the allowable controller of your life, come and experience heavenly blessing on earth. You are created to rule (Revelation 22:18-19).

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