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From the President and founder

Dear Visitor,

     Welcome to The Absolute Faith® in Jesus Christ International Church. To understand the aspirations of our church, I want to share with you my life’s purpose. I believe that if you are to understand what I stand for, then you can understand why we are the way we are.

     My life’s purpose is to live in such a manner as to bring glory to Jesus Christ through all aspects of my life (Isaiah 43:7). This will be expressed by holding firmly to the following principles in my main roles as a child of God, husband, father, friend, leader, and minister of the Word.

     As a church and a community, we want to honor Jesus Christ. Our preaching and Bible studies will not always be the best, nor our music the most professional, nor will we always be as friendly as we should be, but we will try our best in all these areas because we believe God is worthy of all that we can offer. We will not just study the Word of God, we will engage the Word to the extent of becoming conformed to the likeness, character and the image of our Lord Jesus Christ.

     We believe that problems came to humanity because of the fall. Through Christ Jesus’ death and resurrection, all problems are removed and put to an end (Deuteronomy 21:22-23; Galatians 3:10-13; Colossians 1:13-17). Hence, our ministry is based on knowing God and having a deeper relationship with God, His Son Jesus Christ, and ourselves because we are all brothers and sisters that are purchased with the blood of Jesus Christ (Acts 20:28). Brotherly and sisterly love is a must among us (John 13:34-35; 3:3; 1 John 4:4-7).  It is written that, “He who has no love has no God”. We practice holy love within our organization. Brotherly and sisterly love among us is very contagious.

     Before reading my life’s purpose as listed below in order of importance, I will briefly define true biblical meaning of the word “love”. Love is an action word of doing things that benefit and honor a person. Within a Christian community of faith, act of selfishness must never be demonstrated if a person sincerely have the spirit of God because God’s name is called love. The bible cautioned that a person without love has no God (1 John 4:7-9). If a person is a true disciple of Jesus Christ he will do things that honor and benefit Jesus Christ by obeying the commandments of God unquestionably. A true Christian will never do things that will hurt his neighbor. Love is demonstrated towards a nation, a community or to another person by doing things that will honor and benefit the receiver not because you want something in return but because God call us to love one another as Christ demonstrated His love towards us.

     Remember that God demonstrated His love to the world by surrendering the life of His Son Jesus Christ to redeem us from the enslavement of sin, curses, demons and Satan. God’s action does not benefit Him but us.

     I call on all true Christians to emulate the living God. A true Christian is a person that is conformed to the image, likeness and character of the Lord Jesus Christ. Since true Christians are group of people that have been purchased with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 20:28); redeemed from Satan and his demon’s control (Colossians 1:13-22); freed from all acquired curses of law from the womb of their mothers (Psalm 51:5, 10; Galatians 1:15; 2:20; 2 Corinthians 5:16-17); renounce their relationship to the fallen Adam and his descendants and accept their relationship with Jesus Christ and all that have taken same step. Since they are all genuinely born again into the family of Christ,  they are members of same family in Christ Jesus regardless of race, color nationality and language (John 1:12). 

     Hence, in our ministry, we teach and practice that all of us and other New Testament Christians are members of same family in Christ Jesus since we study and obey His teachings (Luke 8:19-21).

      Find below my life’s purpose in order of importance:  

  1. Son-ship before Servant-hood: Who I am in Christ is more important than what I do. I am a son of God before I am qualified to be a servant of God. My first priority is to guard my personal disciplines so that what is seen outwardly matches the inner man. Being is far more important than doing, to my fundamental roles listed above. I must uphold all Biblical promises and commandments in order to satisfy my Father. Doing things that benefit and favor God and my neighbors must be a priority for me (Galatians 1:15; 2:20; 2 Corinthians 5:16-20).
  2. Spirit before Law: I refuse to reduce Christianity to a set of rules or regulations. This means I will not judge others for their convictions nor outward appearance. Neither will I come under the bondage of the rules of another, unless it serves to draw that person closer to Jesus Christ. Finally, I will live my life before God and not man. I will not live according to the satisfaction of the flesh (Leviticus 19:2; Romans 1:18-32; Galatians 5:16-26).
  3. Relationship before Program: People are infinitely more important than the tasks which I accomplish today. This will have implications on how I use, divide, and discipline my time. It also speaks profoundly to how I view “interruptions” and the attention which I give to listen to people when in their presence. If I ever become too busy to spend time with people, then I have missed God’s first command after loving Him. Base on this section number 3, we design every ministry of our denominational church for the un-churched, non-churched and those that want continuous holistic/spiritual breakthrough and growth. Our counselor’s and pastors are professionally trained. (A). The un-churched are those that go to a Christ-dead church because the church does not lead them in building genuine relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Their existing church is into program and celebration other that leading members to be conformed to the image, likeness and character of the Lord Jesus Christ. Such churches are termed to be like the Corinthians’. (B). The non-church are those that have no church at all, in other word, they are seekers. (C). Those that want breakthrough are the ones that are still experience a curse or the other, this may include but not limited to sickness. Since we agree that the bible is true and it is written that, “Christ has redeemed every mankind from the curse of the law having been made to become a curse for us…” We lead people into obtaining their freedom and holistic breakthrough.
  4. Prayer before Action: I will give myself to work hard in my calling and vocation; however, my most fundamental task is prayer. As a child of God, I am called to worship Him. As a husband and a father, I am the spiritual gatekeeper to my immediate family. As a Christ kingdom ambassador, I enter all situations with authority to repossess and guard spiritual gates. Each of these roles is rooted in my prayer life. I refuse to act without first praying.
  5. Unction before Polish: I am a preacher and a teacher. As a minister of the Word, I will give myself to faithful preparation. However, my confidence in preaching, teaching, and sharing the Word of God is not rooted in my exegetical preparation. I refuse to speak without knowing the unction of the Holy Spirit on my life and ministry.
  6. Multiplication before Addition: My calling is not primarily to do the work of ministry, but to equip able and teachable leaders to do the work of ministry. I will face many tasks which I can do quicker and better by myself, but will do a greater service to the Kingdom by modeling, sharing, or delegating these tasks. This means that in my role to reproduce leaders, I will intentionally include others and I will grant others permission to fail.
  7. Thanksgiving before Desire: Many things in life will be attractive to me, and I will be tempted to covet that which does not belong to me. Included in these temptations will be good things, not only forbidden things. I choose to be thankful for what God has already given me and rejoice with others for what He has chosen to give them. I will learn to evaluate what is best and not merely accept the good.

Our ministry is presently established in the United States of America. We are actively involved in neighborhood Christ-centered miracle Bible Studies and Prayer Meeting. Since the Lord Christ Jesus is the head of the church and He promised that the kind of church that He will build; Satan, demons, human instruments of Satan and gate of hell will not prevail over; our church has become a place of refuge where Christ is continuously demonstrating His earthly presence in sign, miracles and giving of the Holy Spirit. People are set free from all types of Satanic stronghold including sickness and life problems. Do not surrender to Satan, come and receive your miracle. Contact us to request for the location of the Absolute Faith® fellowship meeting that is near your house.
I thank you very much for taking time to read this page.

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Bishop (Dr.) John Oludare-Famodimu