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The Just Shall Live By Faith Gal 3:11
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Two thousand and nine years ago, a blind man came to Jesus. When Christ Jesus asked; What do you want me to do for you? the blind man ostensibly could have asked for anything. His answer was simple and correct: I want to see! At Absolute Faith In Jesus Christ International Church, we could ask the Almighty for a lot of things: a tremendous church growth; an endowment of $100 million for our building project.

We come instead to ask our Lord to open our eyes to see. We want to see and respond in faith to the exploding evangelical opportunities of the 21st century.

We want to see clearly the desperate moral situation of our times, to mend the lives of ministers whose lives have been damaged by the darkness and to send them forth as messengers of the light.

We pray, Lord Jesus Christ, help us to see the new world in which your Church will be built. Help us to shed the cataracts of cultural ignorance, provincial thinking and racism; to be a people of God who truly love one another. Help us to see, and respond to the glorious new church which you are building around the world and to know how to respond at Absolute Faith®. Allow us to participate in the international gathering of the people of God which will find its final culmination at the end of time where we will gather from every kindred, tribe and nation. Help us to cast out the rebellious demon of homosexuality from the lives of its victims. Give our elected officials the wisdom to distinguish civil rights from being used by Satan to carry out his agenda in order to rebel against the commandment of the Almighty God.

Help us all to see these and so much more, in Jesus Christ name.

May the Living God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ keep us all. Amen.